Candidate Training & Leaders Fellowship

“LFC Trainings prepared me to run a winning campaign - and then to lead with my core values.” 

Representative Randall Friese, Legislative District 9


It's Not What We Say ... 

It's What Our Alumni Say About Us and the Work They're Doing Today

Building a stronger and more representative democracy by providing a diverse community of individuals the training, coaching, resources, and networks needed to become more effective social justice change agents and leaders is the essence of Leading For Change.  We hold ourselves to high standards that can only be measured by what our alumni are saying about their LFC experience and how it has shaped them in moving forward to achieve their vision of change.

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I wanted to tell you that today I'm putting a part of my PPLP into action! I wanted to work on improving services for domestic violence victims, and this afternoon I'm meeting with Chairman Farnsworth to ask him to sponsor a bill that improves the order of protection process for victims of domestic violence. It's amazing to me that in 2014 I started the fellowship as an advocate at a DV Shelter and that today I get to work on fixing the problems I saw every day. I can't thank you enough for giving me the tools to do this.

                          Jaime Watson, Public Information Officer/ Legislative Liaison, AZ Criminal Justice Commission

In 2014 Jaime Watson graduated our Fellowship, after completing her Personal Political Leadership Plan (PPLP) around domestic violence.  These plans are designed around short, intermediate and long-term plans. 

Receiving a note from her (see below) serves to confirm that our folks don’t just put their PPLPs on the shelf after they graduate.  Today Jaime works as a Public Information Officer/Legislative Liaison at Arizona Criminal Justice Commission.

"I have a better understanding of myself, my values and what inspires me. LFC gave me direction when I had none and connected me with an amazing network of like-minded individuals and organizations."  

Crystal Allen Lexington, Law Firm, Associate Attorney

"I learned and practiced how to pivot back to my message and to lead by my values.  Most of all, the people who are a part of the fellowship, alumni and present, are inspiring.."  

Baily Hershberger,  SEL Trainer, CASA The Center For Positive Change

"It strengthened my commitment to stay politically active and it helped implant a mindframe ready to handle the political defeats that will be part of changing this state's politics."  

Derick Goodrich, Political Activist  

"The leadership program gave me confidence in believing that I can make a positive impact in the community. It has provided me with tools on how to achieve long term goals effectively and not get overwhelmed or lost in the process. I have also gained a good network of peers that I feel comfortable with and know I can call on for constructive feedback or just to bounce ideas. I gained valuable information that helped to improve my leadership skills.  I have incorporated things learned in class into both my personal and professional life. LFC was a great way for me to learn about Arizona. I feel that I have a better grasp on how the state functions politically."  

Chiquita Serpas   COO, Editha House Foundation

"It was great to meet a group of leaders and also to be connected to alumni. I think one of the biggest impacts is the network that is built from participation in the fellowship. I also a learned lot more about the political infrastructure that already exists in Phoenix."  

James Arndt   Assistant Principal, Isaac School District 

"My peer coach(es) provided me with feedback and support for my political/civic goals.  Working on my Personal Political Leadership Plan assisted me in clarifying my long-term leadership goals."  

Juan Alvarez   City of Peoria, Parks and Sports Facilities 

"The LFC Fellowship had a significant impact and increased my ability to advance progressive political and/or policy change.  It also had a huge impact on my political and leadership skills and my confidence in fulfilling my vision ..."​

Krysta Laurano   Therapist, Oasis Behavioral Health

"I learned the importance of effective 'story telling' & messaging,  values-based leadership development and Fundraising.  The faculty coach provided me with constructive leadership feedback on my leadership.  I built so many new skills and approachesfor my political and civic leadership."  

Robert Davis, Success Advisor, College Success Arizona

The LFC Fellowship expanded my knowledge of the significance of developing strategy associated with dreams and vision and most importantly going from there to taking action to start moving the needle.

Sherri Jones


The LFC Fellowship was totally transformational.  This experience occurred during a time that I needed the reminder of who I am with supportive guidance to push me to the next chapter in my life.  Thank you!  



Thanks to the Fellowship I have new strong relationships with other progressive leaders – I have enlarged my network, increased my confidence and I trust that I can accomplish the political change I am after.

Jaclyn Boyes


When I started the LFC Leaders Fellowship I knew my political goals, but I did not know how to accomplish them.  I didn’t have clear cut steps to get there.  LFC helped me map out a clear path forward and I am so excited.

Naketa Ross


Getting over my huge discomfort with fundraising was a great plus.  The networks and relationships I developed were an even bigger advantage to me. 

Ajlan Kurdoglu


The Fellowship has given me so much advantage and increased my self-confidence with my political activities and so many other skills.  I really appreciated the depth of the program, the presenters and the hands-on experiences each time we met.

Melissa Davis


I learned how to have difficult conversations – that we all experience at work, in collaborative situations and personally.  I have now build builtcollaborations that are stronger.  The Fellowship connected me to a network of positive political leaders who have knowledge and skills that can aid me in my leadership development.  

Murphy Bannerman


LFC guided me with regards aboutin knowing where and how to start to create the change I want.  It gave me direction and helped me become more self-aware of my strengths as a progressive leader.  The 360 leadership analysis was incredibly transformative.

Azza Abuseif


The LFC Fellowship increased my confidence and knowledge in the political process.  It helped me to move from direct impact work and into a much bigger and more impactful place with my political plan.  

Ashley Marengo


The Fellowship gave me honest feedback and holdingheld me accountable to my plans;It also introduce me meetingtoan incredible network of 12 years of current and past Fellows that I am able to call on for support.  

Kendall Jones


I learned how to make an effective, achievable plan to address my issue and goal for positive political change in Arizona.  The depth of experiential learning about how to strategically form coalitions to achieve success has been enormously helpful in my political activities.

Vanessa Gallego

My favorite skill that I learned was how to navigate the Arizona legislative session and the added confidence to participate in that process.  

Travis Harrick

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