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Four Options For Creating Change!

Read the overviews below, and then choose any of the options above to find out more.


Program Overviews

Leading For Change is dedicated to building the next generation of civic leaders. We are committed to advancing social justice and equality for all people.  Through specially designed and tailored comprehensive programs we are helping community and emerging leaders to reshape Arizona. Our programs are most effective for individuals who are working or volunteering in the areas of:

  • Advocacy

  • Non-Profit

  • Community Organizing and Activism

  • Campaigns (Candidate or Issue)

  • State, County, or City Government

  • Public Service

Leaders Fellowship  

Our eight-month part-time Leaders Fellowship is designed to elevate emerging community leaders’ expertise in leading for change and includes five-weekend workshops, individual and small-group coaching sessions, project-based learning, and much more. An application process is required to participate in the program. 

Candidate Training

This progressive non-partisan three-weekend workshop is specifically designed for individuals planning to run for Arizona office within the next year-to-ten years.  An application process is required to participate in this training.  

Campaign Management Training

If you’re ready to bring your skills and leadership role to a higher level in running a candidate or issues campaign, this training is for you!  Or, if you have minimum experience in working on campaigns and want to broaden your knowledge in what it takes to run an effective campaign, this training is for you too!  The LFC Progressive Campaign Management Training provides future Campaign Managers, Campaign Staff and Volunteers, and Candidates with the tools for organizing an effective campaign.

Tailored Training

LFC works directly with social justice and like-minded organizations to develop and implement tailored programs to assist staff and volunteers in meeting specific goals – from fundraising and governance to strategic planning and message development. 

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