Leading For Change

If Not Now, When?

NOW is the time for up-and-coming leaders to come forward and train to become the next generation of forward-thinking leaders – no matter how young or old.


You have a vision of the change you want to make to advance social justice and the civic action movement. Leading For Change has the programs that will elevate you to the next level of leadership – a level that empowers you to make your vision a reality.


Whether you’re engaged in non-profit work, planning to run for public office, serve as an organizer, or manage campaigns, Leading For Change has the tools, resources and programs to enable you to create the change and impact you desire to take your community of interest to new heights.

Our Supporters
LFC depends on large and small contributions to continue our work in building progressive political power and advancing social and economic justice for all.  We are humbled by, and will forever be grateful for all of our individual, foundation, union and corporate supporters.  


LFC Alumni Elected to Office


30 LFC alumni ran for office in the Arizona November 6th election.  25 won!

We are extremely proud of all of our alumni who ran and won elected office to advance progressive values and policies

that will benefit the full diversity of our communities.  Congratulations to our winning LFC trained candidates!


Candidate Training


If you’re planning to run for elected office in 2022 or beyond (or just thinking about it), this non-partisan, progressive Candidate Training will provide you with the nuts and bolts, and tools and skills for being an effective candidate.  Apply today and get on the path to becoming a strong candidate for change.

Each Training consists of three weekends.  

Campaign Management


This training is in conjunction with our Candidate Training.   If you’ve worked on campaigns and are ready to take the leap into a leadership role or if you’ve had minimum campaign experience and want to learn more, then this training is for you. Enhance your skills and knowledge through this interactive training and become an eff­ective campaign leader.

LFC Leaders Fellowship


Eight months of intensive training is only part of what this Fellowship is about! Networking and connections that come along with it will open new doors, and create a support system that continues long after the Fellowship has ended.  The LFC Fellowship is designed to bring together a diverse group of  organizational leaders, community organizers, activists, future candidates and elected officials. 

Nominate a Fellow


Are you actively working to identify high-potential employees and next-generation leaders and readying them for leadership through accessible, actionable learning?

Nominate for the 2021-2022 class of LFC Leaders Fellowship. 

Bring Our Programs to Your Organization


LFC works with nonprofits and associations to move their work forward.  We tailor our trainings to the needs of your organization.  Whether it’s strategic planning, message development and delivery, fundraising, or building partnerships and

collaborations, we offer interactive trainings to propel your organization into the future effectively and innovatively.  

Admission Procedures


Apply online to any of our programs, or phone Beth Meyer 602-253-0119.  Admissions are based on experience and knowledge.  A one-to-one in-person very relaxed conversation on phone  will be scheduled. 

Scholarships are available for all programs.

Many organizations send individuals or teams to programs in order to build their leadership pipeline. 

Driving Engagement and Powerful Transformations


The LFC Faculty is comprised of community leaders committed to social justice advancement and a representative democracy.  Their varied expertise and experience suppports LFC program participants in stepping into their leadership.  


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