Caroline Starrs Allen

Caroline Starrs Allen is the Senior Director of Leadership Development at Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE). In her role, she advises in the design and management of national programs to support LEE's members across the country in pursuing public leadership roles. Through her work, Allen has the opportunity to train and coach political and community leaders as they plan strategically to meet their long term leadership goals. Prior to LEE, she spent several years as the Program Director at the Center for Progressive Leadership, where she managed several statewide leadership development programs. Based in Arizona, she has also designed and facilitated programming and trainings for individuals and non-profits on topics ranging from visioning and strategic planning to fundraising and message development. She received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science from the University of Michigan and earned her Master’s of Public Administration, from Michigan State University.

55 East Vernon Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85004


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